My favorite Moyak

I can’t get over how this twink, from a site called
ALLBOYS19.COM looks like one of my first boyfriends in high school.

Before you jump to conclusions this twink, Moyak is 18 and legal. The site he is on is very reputable and is handled by a major affiliate program so I doubt they would take on sites that did not meet the legal 18+ age limit worldwide.

Anyhow the point of this bonus post today is not only to show off this beautiful photo set…I also want to do something I haven’t done in a while…speak out about something that boggles my mind in the industry.

I was talking to a friend last night about the fact that many twink studios, despite getting hundreds of model applications every month select some of the most horrid and unattractive twinks to photograph and shoot.

I just don’t understand why sites like the one Moyak is on, plus all their other sister sites, can manage to cast absolutely stunningly beautiful and boyish, yet legal, twinks while many studios in the United States seem to settle for second best.

A while ago I mentioned that every week I get at least one or two emails asking me how one gets into doing adult films. Most times they are simply hot twinks…yes there have been a few that I suggested not bother with it but most of you that have written me are adorable like this guy.

On this blog I like to primarily promote the US based sites…it is my little way of trying to help money spent return into our own economy. But every once in a while I have to tip my hat to sites overseas.

Yes they sometimes have models that are not as picture perfect as Moyak but for the most part they stay true to what they advertise in their website’s titles. If it says “boy” then they cast legal yet boyish looking guys like Moyak.

And let’s get real for a minute- my personal taste is for tattooed guys like Rad Matthews, Chris Porter and others like them. But many of you that subscribe to and enjoy the posts I do here like your twinks looking like teenage boys. There is nothing wrong with that so far as I am concerned just as long the content or the model is legal.

But time and time again various “twink” sites in the USA defy logic and cast either terribly fugly (that means fucking ugly) models or ones that are clearly not really 18-21…you can tell in their faces that they are either older or have done a lot of drugs!

It really boggles my mind- having a wide variety of models applying would certainly encourage me to pick the best of the bunch…and again for twink lovers the more boyish (again legal) the better. Look at how boyish models like Felix Russo or Jesse Starr took the twink world by storm.

Why the hell would anyone in their right mind cast, on a “boy” twink site models that look like they were picked up off a street corner or out of a drug rehab rather than selecting models that fit the ideal twink boy look from their model pools?

With the US economy the way it is, I sincerely do like promoting the USA based sites. But if there isn’t a change in some of these sites- especially when it comes to model selections I may have to start plugging the sites from overseas. Not that they do not deserve the promotion here but because like I said before I like to do my little part in putting money back into the USA market place and economy.

Part of the problem is that certain studios (and I know this for a fact because models have told me as much) is that various studios cast not based on what will sell the best or fit into the type of models their sites claim to give subscribers, but based on whether they are attracted to the guy- in the hopes for off the set fun which includes partying and sex.

To me that is a shitty way to run a business- to allow someone to work as a casting director or talent scout who will reject stunning twinks so the types they relate to or get a hardon off of can come shoot with them.

Most of the studios I cover do not do that but many do.

I am wondering how you all- the consumers and subscribers to sites really feel about some of the models cast in the USA as opposed to overseas stack
Are you happy with the content on your favorite USA based
Have you not renewed a subscription because the model selection has gone down

As for me it becomes frustrating when I see stunningly boyish twinks, cast on overseas sites, like this…

…with a boyish look and appealing both in the face, the lower body and the back…

…and photographed in high resolution, while many American studios offer up crappy or discolored photo sets, with backgrounds that flatter not bury the particular model…

…and then see either totally homely, over manscaped or torn up looking models in less than HD quality pics and vids…as a consumer the only reason I would want to subscribe to a site is because it will make me do this:

But most leave me sitting there wondering why the hell they decided to cast a certain model.

So starting today and every Friday, throughout the summer, I am going to feature an overseas twink site.


I have noticed that subscriptions have died down on some of the sites I cover. I still get loads of readers worldwide every day.




You can either post you comments here (none unless they are calling out someone specific will be censored) or if you want you thoughts private feel free to send in an

To wrap it up this young man is my idea of what a twink should be…beautiful and boyish in the face yet looking like a grown up and not shaved down to look like a prepubescent teen…

And after all, in this day and age for many money is tight and if you are going to pay to view a site then you deserve to have only the best twinks on it. If not then you might as well go pick up a street hustler because that is what many of the USA studio twinks are looking like to me these days!

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