Raw. Instinctual. Primal. Pheromones, the smell of a beautiful boy can be the most enticing thing on the planet. Five spellbindingly beautiful boys are in a dream house and when the temperature rises so do desires. Nature takes over. Traveling through different rooms and carnal desires, discovering their wants and needs by breathing one another deep inside. The boys are exposed bare and deep, down to their soul. They connect by working together towards the same goal, pure pleasure and absolute ecstasy. They taste every forbidden desire AND one another- all natural, organic and RAW, winding up in an orgasmic puddle of absolute lust.

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Teen boys first time

Utterly charming first time setting. The top had a wonderfully long pencil dick. Both twinks’ bodies are beautiful keepers. Great pacing in the scene. Full body contact topping your bottom boy is my favorite feeling (26:54). skin on skin top to bottom as intimate as it can get, best feeling The top guy is super continuously keeping up the fucking action a LONG time. And at the end he shot/sprayed a huge load.

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Just The Sex Martin and Troy

Just the sex, but good chemistry (not mechanical), and love the twinks. only saw the top shoot. Hell no bad director not letting the hot cute bottom get his cocked sucked by the hot top at least he deserved some hot serveicning his yummy cock did not even get to see if he was hard dripping pre cum ect. all we saw was him servicing the hot top the to top it all off not bare back never let the hot bottom ride him Cowboy Style so we could see his hard cock and not even getting to see him shoot his hot thick tasty load the top could at least sucked & swallowed his bottoms hot cum.

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Abs really awesome

This very pretty young thing really knows how to show off his gorgeous body. He’s built just right all over, and his cock is perfect for sliding down my throat.

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